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The AERATHOR is the latest turf and lawn aerator on the market today. This machine has the ability to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf on the surface.The ability to aerate dry soil reduces the time and expense of scheduling irrigation prior to use.The soil disturbance caused by the vibrating tines stimulates thatch decomposition with the shattering of loosened soil. The unit softens the soil around and between the holes creating more of an opening for root growth and absorption of water, air, nutrients and chemicals. Versatility - aerate established turf; till bare ground for sodding and seeding, or till a plant bed without destroying the mulch (All with the same machine). Standard equipment TWO WHEELS TRACTOR : rear roller Optionals: Grass seeder - connections to different brands and models of two-wheel-tractors Standard equipment TRACTOR :Universal three point hitch, cat. I and II Rear roller central Optionals: floating hitch